Chapter 153: Old Man Chi’s New Disciple

Jun Xiaomo did as old man Chi suggested. While Rong Ruihan was still bound by old man Chi’s talismans, she cut Rong Ruihan’s finger and let a drip of his blood drop onto the piece of Blood Jade.

Instantly, the Blood Jade shone with a striking red light, before fading away once again.

“This means that it has finally recognized its owner.” Old man Chi explained, “Once the Blood Jade recognizes its owner, others will no longer be able to use it. That said, not many people would covet such a thing as the Blood Jade to begin with. The meridians and Dantian of members of the Jiang Clan are all different from that which normal people possess. Therefore, there is a good chance that they would experience demonic upheavals in the process of their cultivations. This is one of the main reasons why they prepare a piece of Blood Jade for each member of their bloodline. Normal people won’t need such things to begin with.”

Jun Xiaomo nodded her head. Then, she retrieved a length of cord from her Interspatial Ring. Just as she was about to tie it to the piece of Blood Jade, old man Chi stopped her.

“Hang on, use this instead.” Old man Chi retrieved another length of cord from his own Interspatial Ring. If one took a closer examination of it, he would be able to see minute inscriptions on length of cord. Evidently, this was something special. “I consider this child a junior of mine. After all, I’ve personally watched his mother grow up. When the Jiang Clan was annihilated, I had regrettably been locked in my closed-door cultivation, and I...

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