Chapter 150: The Little Packrat’s Loss of Face

The little packrat’s sudden appearance from out of nowhere stunned Jun Xiaomo for a while. But moments later, after Jun Xiaomo finally managed to collect herself, she became incredibly moved by its appearance. She picked it up gingerly and kissed its cheek. Then, she tenderly rubbed her cheeks against the little packrat’s fur as she called out, “Little Packie…”

She had never thought she would be able to see the little packrat again. Unexpectedly, not only did this little thing reappear before her eyes, it was even alive and seemed completely unscathed right now.

Then her hands trembled slightly when her thoughts turned to how the little packrat had blocked the ice arrow for her. She immediately set the little packrat down and started parting its fur in various places, evidently afraid that there would be scars or traces of injuries on her little packrat.

Squeak squeak squeak…squeak squeak squeak… The little packrat found itself rather embarrassed by Jun Xiaomo’s “search”. Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo’s actions had inadvertently tickled it, and it involuntarily started squirming about as it squeaked in laughter.

However, Jun Xiaomo was unable to tell that its present squeaks were any different from its usual squeaks. After all, its squeaks sounded the...

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