Chapter 149: Revenge from Old Man Chi

Anyone with a half-decent mind would have been able to guess the identity of the great granddaughter-in-law referred to by the old man.

Apart from Jun Xiaomo who had always carried the little packrat around in her bosom, who else could Qin Lingyu have offended so thoroughly?

Previously, after Jun Xiaomo alleged that Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou had become intimately involved with each other, several disciples began to develop their own levels of suspicion of Qin Lingyu and Yu Wanrou. Yet despite the revelation of the unadorned truth, some of the disciples continued to be infatuated with Yu Wanrou’s beauty; while others who idolized Qin Lingyu continued to put faith in his character. In the end, the disciples’ impression of Yu Wanrou and Qin Lingyu only fell slightly.

But right now, the little packrat had referred to Jun Xiaomo as its fiancée. Furthermore, Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen seemed to have grown close and intimate through these travels, while yet another person, the first prince of the Inferno Kingdom, had joined the fray. As these disciples thought about the confluence of these factors, they began to feel that Qin Lingyu was truly the pitiable one in this entanglement of relationships.

Just how many times has martial brother Qin been made a cuckold?

Given how the marriage arrangement between Qin Lingyu and Jun Xiaomo was still standing, it was technically not wrong for the disciples to think this way. As these thoughts crossed their minds, they momentarily forgot about the predicament they were in right now. Each of them looked at Qin Lingyu with different types of gazes – some with sympathy, others delighting in his misery, and yet others with complicated looks.

Even then, Qin Lingyu hardly felt appeased by the existence of his sympathizers. In reality, he would much rather prefer the label of the traitor to his marriage...

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