Chapter 148: Jun Xiaomo, the Daughter-in-Law

When he saw the formation array congealed from demonic energy appear overhead, Situ Cang nearly went mad.

Using demonic energy to congeal a formation array?! How strong is this person?! It must be said that congealing a formation array using spiritual energy or demonic energy was something that could only be done by a person at the Coalescence stage of cultivation.

Within moments, even the luxury of thought was thoroughly stripped away from Situ Cang as his torment began. His body started to feel as though it were immolating. Every inch of his skin repeatedly split open, before fusing together again. Within the blink of an eye, he had turned into a bloody, gory mess.

In the past, Situ Cang had used the same formation array to deal with some of the misbehaving or ill-disciplined people under him. Yet he would never have thought that there would be a day when this same formation array would be used on himself.

One incense of time passed…two incense of time passed…three incense of time passed… Yet Situ Cang was still alive. This is because the formation array performed both the functions of destroying and healing. A person would not be able to die even if he wanted to. He could only continue to experience the immense, excruciating pain delivered by this brutal formation array.

It was truly as the old man had said – this was a life worse than death.

Then, the old man opened his eyes again, and waved his sleeves. Instantly, the formation array that had congealed over Situ Cang’s head changed. It was still congealed by his demonic energy, and there were still complex inscriptions and patterns all...

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