Chapter 147: A Tooth for a Tooth, Little Packrat’s Great Grandfather

Everyone looked up in the air in shock and discovered a man and a woman standing tall in mid-air. The man looked cool, suave and dignified, while the woman was charming and beautiful. That said, she wore an ashen appearance on her face. She swept her gaze across the people on the ground. Then, when she saw the little packrat, the worry and anxiety in her eyes burgeoned to a roaring inferno of rage.

“You dare to hurt my child? You’re asking for it!” The woman bellowed.

Child? Who’s their child?

Everyone followed the woman’s line of sight and shifted their gazes from the Grand Vizier to…the little packrat.

Could this little packrat be their child?! How can this be? Is this not Jun Xiaomo’s pet? When has it become a cultivator’s child? And how incredibly strong are these cultivators.

The ability to “stand” in mid-air meant that these cultivators possessed immense abilities. The prerequisite for this was the Golden Core stage of cultivation. Thus, most of the cultivators present trembled in fear as soon as the couple showed up.

However, this was naturally to the exclusion of Situ Cang. Situ Cang was already at the secondary-tier Immortal Ascension stage of cultivation, and he was three qualitative levels stronger than Chi Hongyi, who had only been at the secondary-tier Nascent Soul stage of cultivation.


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