Chapter 146: Refinement Technique; Arrival of the Little Packrat’s Father

Situ Cang and his men failed to notice the invisible Transmittance Talisman under the little packrat’s paw.

In their eyes, this little packrat who had always tagged alongside Jun Xiaomo was only looking at them in fear and trepidation as its body quivered uncontrollably. It no longer presented itself with that pride and arrogance as it had done in the past when it had nuzzled against Jun Xiaomo’s bosom.

Yu Wanrou was particularly delighted seeing this. She stared at the little packrat as a vicious and macabre gaze flashed across her eyes.

She had already guessed the little packrat’s identity by now – ever since she saw this little packrat in Yao Mo’s bosom, she had found it to be extremely familiar. Who would have thought that it would be the very same one that she had lost some time ago?

Yu Wanrou never liked it when her things were touched by other women. She could not stand it – even if this “thing” were no more than a mere little pet.

Furthermore, this little packrat ought to have been hers to begin with. It was something that her martial brother Ke had bought as a birthday gift for her. What basis did this little packrat have to treat Jun Xiaomo with a far better attitude than it had ever treated her with?

Every time she thought about how her little packrat had scratched her, Yu Wanrou could not help but feel a sense of indignation swell up within her heart. She could hardly resist the urge rising...

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