Chapter 144: The Perilous Moment

Since time immemorial, the cultivation world had always been a place where the strong had devoured the weak.

By now, Jun Xiaomo had already lost track of how long she had been battling it out with the assailants. The stench of blood assaulted her olfactory senses to no end, and the visible vicinity was completely stained with spatters and splotches of blood.

Round after round of combat gave rise to wave after wave of dead assailants. There was no end in sight to their battle right now.

It was as though Jun Xiaomo had returned to her previous life. Day after day, she would plod on dangerously along the precipice between life and death as she fended off the persecution of the self-proclaimed sanctimonious and dignified sects.

She truly detested such a lifestyle. She had sworn never to live life like that again.

She was already extremely tired. If not for the fact that battling had become almost second nature to her through her previous life’s experiences, she might not even have been able to last through the second wave of assailants.

A fresh drop of blood fell out of nowhere and landed Jun Xiaomo’s face. As it slid across Jun Xiaomo’s cheeks, she roused from her combat stupor and regained some measure of clarity of mind.

This blood is…

Two figures immediately entered Jun Xiaomo’s mind. One was sturdy and well-built; while the other was tall and la...

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