Chapter 142: The Little Packrat’s Struggle Against the Illusion

By now, the little packrat was already well acquainted with life on the run, and it was hardly out of its depths, even without the support of Jun Xiaomo. Thus, it composed itself, perked up its spirits very quickly, and prepared to look for traces of Jun Xiaomo among the sea of lush, tall grass.

It sniffed at stalks of grass and took whiffs from flowers. Yet as a “fake” little packrat, it could hardly tell the difference between the scents of all these things.

I must have lost Xiaomo by now.

The little packrat slumped to the ground in despair and curled itself into a ball as it bit indignantly at its tail.

Will Xiaomo discover that I’m missing and come back for me? The little packrat lamented to itself.

In fact, Jun Xiaomo had already discovered that her little packrat had gone missing by now. But she was also currently trapped by the Mistlands illusion. How was she going to be able to rush over to rescue the little packrat of hers?

Furthermore, when the little packrat had scampered all over the place aimlessly, what it failed to realize was that it had run in the wrong direction. It was now located even further from Jun Xiaomo than ever.

The little packrat lay on the ground for a while listlessly. Then gradually, it discovered that the fog in front of its eyes had begun to dissipate.

The fog has dissipated?! Then won’t I be able to locate Jun Xiaomo very easily...

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