Chapter 141: The Little Packrat’s True Identity

Just as Jun Xiaomo was searching for her little packrat, her little packrat was also searching for Jun Xiaomo at the same time.

Amidst the billowing, white fog, a small, white ball of fluff leapt about in the tall grass. Its small figure would disappear from sight from time to time.

Its body was simply too small. Its was only the size of a normal person’s fist. The vibrant wildflowers and tall grass greatly obstructed its short strides and its vision, and the poor little packrat had to spend threefold its usual time and effort just to cover the same distance.

Squeak squeak… It paused in its steps and glanced anxiously at its surroundings as it took whiffs from the surrounding flowers and grass.

Achoo! The small furball sneezed. Apart from inhaling a bunch of pollen and thick fragrance from the flowers around, its keen nose could not pick up anything else.

Squeak squeak… The little furball licked its own paws with chagrin, curled itself into a ball, and stopped moving entirely.

Where in the world is Xiaomo? The little packrat thought to itself in despair. They had only been separated for an hour, but it had already begun to miss Jun Xiaomo’s warm and fragrant embrace.

That’s right. The little packrat had always referred to Jun Xiaomo as “Xiaomo” in its heart. This is because it was not a little pet to begin with.

He had only ended up in this form because he had mistakenly ingested a plant that caused him to turn into his present form. The most tragic thing was that even he was uncertain what exactly he had ingested that caused him to become like this. As a result,...

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