Chapter 140: Fusion of Dream and Reality

Jun Xiaomo had managed to determine her little packrat’s rough location. But narrowing that field down to determine her little packrat’s exact location was where the real difficulty lay.

Her little packrat’s physical body was far too small, and Jun Xiaomo did not possess any particularly special artefacts belonging to her little packrat apart from the few strands of her little packrat’s fur that were stuck to her clothing. Thus, no matter how hard Jun Xiaomo tried, she could only narrow the search location to a radius of one kilometer.

That is to say, her little packrat could be anywhere within a one-kilometer radius of where they were located right now.

“What are we going to do now…” Jun Xiaomo sighed helplessly as she muttered to herself in distress.

Ye Xiuwen stared at the formation diagram. After a moment of deliberation, he raised a fresh possibility, “Perhaps we don’t actually have to determine his exact location. These little creatures have intuition that are often far better than us humans anyway. We can slowly search around within the area marked out by the map. Once the little packrat discovers our presence and auras, it will naturally come looking for us.”

Jun Xiaomo furrowed her brows as she looked helplessly at the little red blip on the map that was fading in and out. Then she conceded,...

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