Chapter 139: The Stirring in Rong Ruihan’s Heart

“That’s…that’s right…I’m Yao Mo. What’s…what’s up?” Jun Xiaomo asked cautiously as she involuntarily took a step back.

Rong Ruihan’s present appearances were too intimidating. His bloodshot eyes seemed to possess boundless demonic energy within them. A malevolent air seemed to swirl about within them, just like the eyes of a vile, vicious beast.

A sudden chill ran along the bottom of Jun Xiaomo’s neck, and she subconsciously rubbed the side of it.

Rong Ruihan isn’t going to snap my neck, right? Have I done anything to anger Rong Ruihan? 

I think…not?

Jun Xiaomo searched herself for a moment. Once she finally ascertained that she had not betrayed Rong Ruihan, whether intentionally or unintentionally, she mustered her courage and locked eyes with Rong Ruihan.

Rong Ruihan did not respond to Jun Xiaomo’s words. In fact, he had subconsciously even blocked out the contents of what Jun Xiaomo had said.

He was only interested in sizing up that person before his very eyes right now as he determined whether she was indeed that lady in red from his dreams.

They’re different…they’re different in all respects…apart from the fact that her appearances look almost identical to that lady in red, nothing else is the same…

The lady in red did not possess such...

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