Chapter 138: Disorientation, Between Illusion and Reality

Just like that, Rong Ruihan continued to sit passively at the side. The crimson red hue of his eyes had not subsided one bit as a result of the death of his enemies. Instead, as time went by, it only continued to thicken and deepen in colour as they emanated a cold, soulless gleam.

The lady in red remained slumped on the ground. Her breathing grew weaker and weaker. They would be erratic at times, and even pause completely at others. Yet Rong Ruihan did nothing to save her. He simply continued watching her silently at the side. This was a stark contrast from how he had behaved at the very start.

In her previous life, Jun Xiaomo had never managed to learn of the identity of her child’s father, even on her deathbed. Therefore, she was hardly aware of the fact that after she had perished, her child’s father had waged war on the alliance of the eight great sects, massacring all who had been involved in Jun Xiaomo’s death. The entire cultivation world was thrown into chaos, and everyone lived in abject paranoia.

The death of the lady in red was the greatest regret and stumbling block in Rong Ruihan’s heart. He had never understood why he had always had that series of recurring dreams, but he had eventually come to accept that these...

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