Chapter 137: The Recurring Nightmare

Ye Xiuwen was carrying Jun Xiaomo on his back as he operated his Windwalk ability. Once he heard Jun Xiaomo’s voice, Ye Xiuwen immediately slowed down his steps and furrowed his brows.

By now, they had already left a considerable distance between themselves and where they had come from.

Jun Xiaomo leapt off Ye Xiuwen’s back, clutching at her hair anxiously. She was evidently flustered like ants on a hot pan. She paced around as she berated herself, “Not good, not good! How could I have forgotten about the two of them? Where are we going to find them now…”

Truth be told, this was not entirely the fault of Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen. After all, they had just escaped from an emergency situation earlier. If not for the fact that Jun Xiaomo had employed some tricks to distract the attention of Qin Lingyu and the others, they might not have been able to escape their encirclement so smoothly and easily. In fact, they might well have been captured by the Grand Vizier’s men by now!

Despite knowing all of this, Jun Xiaomo continued to beat herself down. She had already considered her little packrat and Rong Ruihan as her friends, and it was absolutely unacceptable to leave her friends behind. This was the manifestation of Jun Xiaomo’s immutable personal principles.

Jun Xiaomo looked down on the ground as she paced about in circles anxiously. Then with a resounding thud, her head...

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