Chapter 136: Tearing Apart Your Mask

Just a moment ago, Qin Lingyu was still castigating Jun Xiaomo’s “traitorous behaviour” with righteous indignation. Yet in the very next moment when Jun Xiaomo set up an Authentication Array between the two of them, Qin Lingyu’s face immediately contorted slightly.

His heart had become undeniably anxious even though he tried his best to maintain a dignified appearance on his face. The end result was an expression that looked like a confluence of laughter, sorrow and fury. Even Qin Lingyu could hardly decipher the feelings in his heart right now.

Jun Xiaomo had already expected such a response from Qin Lingyu. She laughed sardonically as she pointed to the formation diagram lying between the two of them as she challenged, “What about it? Don’t dare? Or are you saying that you still suspect the veracity of this Authentication Array? Do you want to give the Threefold Empyrean Lightning a try?”

It was unclear what substance the formation diagram had been drawn with. Even though it was broad daylight right now, the formation diagram nevertheless glowed visibly with a soulless purple light. The patterns and inscriptions on the formation diagram were so complex that it dazzled everyone’s eyes. At one glance, nobody could tell whether the Authentication Array was real or not.

There were in fact some disciples who were initially curious about what an Authentication...

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