Chapter 135: The One Who Broke the Marriage Arrangement

Jun Xiaomo returned a frigid gaze back at Qin Lingyu. One could see traces of Yao Mo’s disposition on Jun Xiaomo’s look of wariness right now.

Qin Lingyu took a few steps forward. Jun Xiaomo immediately turned her body around, stepping in front of Ye Xiuwen and shielding him behind her back.

This was a protective posture. Whenever Yao Mo and Ye Xiuwen had battled together against enemies in the past, they had developed a tacit understanding to entrust their backs to each other as they fended off the attacks for one another. It was the same right now. Jun Xiaomo stood in front of Ye Xiuwen as though it had become second nature to her.

When the other Dawn Sect disciples saw this previously, they had cast looks of admiration towards them, applauding them for the level of trust that Yao Mo and Ye Xiuwen could have for each other. This was something that could only be done on a subconscious level when they had fully let down their guard around each other. This was something that the Dawn Sect disciples were evidently unable to do around each other. After all, when faced with the temptations of profits and the risk of their lives, they would invariably choose to sacrifice their companions for their own gains.

But now that Yao Mo had turned into Jun Xiaomo, the disciples once again reassessed at the interaction between Jun Xiaomo and Ye Xiuwen with some measure of suspicion. The disciples looked...

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