Chapter 134: A Pleasant Surprise Amidst the Danger

“You…” Ye Xiuwen let go of Jun Xiaomo’s chin before using the same hand to touch Jun Xiaomo’s cheeks…

It was warm and soft. It was definitely not an illusion.

“Ye…brother Ye, what’s the matter?” Jun Xiaomo stammered as her face grew warmer with Ye Xiuwen’s gentle caress.

Ye Xiuwen had not used much strength at all. He had simply rested his palm on her cheek. But it was precisely because of such an action that Jun Xiaomo could feel the warmth of Ye Xiuwen’s palm on her cheek as well.

It was not particularly hot. In fact, his hand could even be described as slightly cool to the touch. Despite that, this only made the part of her cheeks that he touched ignite with a burning sensation.

Jun Xiaomo tilted her face slightly as she tactfully shrugged off Ye Xiuwen’s palm. At the same time, she quickly lowered her head to avoid eye contact with Ye Xiuwen.

She was at a complete loss as to how she should deal with the present situation. Therefore, she reflexively chose the path of least resistance – otherwise, her face was only going to turn redder and redder.

Ye Xiuwen looked at the “young man”…or rather, the young, demure lady. Her cheeks were flushed with an attractive, pink hue, while her eyes seemed to bashfully avoid eye contact with him. His heart stirred. He subconsciously...

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