Chapter 132: Ye Xiuwen’s Retaliation

Ye Xiuwen’s chest rose and fell as he heaved and breathed. His emotions were a mess right now. Just then, Qin Lingyu made his move.

The Mistlands’ mode of operations was always the same – it would create a scenario to draw out the most abject despondence and despair in its prey before attacking and killing it. Then, it would slowly devour and consume the soul of its prey.

Naturally, the physical body of the Mistlands’ prey would not immediately vanish after its soul had perished – it would only enter a brain-dead state of existence. But without a soul, the body would never be able to wake up again.

The counterfeit Qin Lingyu intended to capitalize on Ye Xiuwen’s stupor to strike at him and deal him a fatal blow. But having been through so many combats and skirmishes, self-preservation and defense was almost second nature to Ye Xiuwen. Therefore, just as Qin Lingyu’s attack arrived in front of Ye Xiuwen’s face, Ye Xiuwen reacted. His sword flickered, leaving only afterimages in its wake. Soon, both of them were locked in an intense battle.

In reality, Ye Xiuwen’s...

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