Chapter 131: The Third Medicinal Element, Blisterfruit

The first time that Jun Xiaomo discovered something suspicious about Ye Xiuwen was when she first suggested to have a duel with Zhang Shuyue.

The main reason why Jun Xiaomo had made such a suggestion was not to defeat Zhang Shuyue and make her leave Ye Xiuwen’s side. Rather, she had done so as a form of test.

Although Jun Xiaomo did not possess a deep understanding of the Soulless Lands, she had nevertheless encountered similar illusory domains in her previous life. Therefore, she had always been somewhat vigilant of these sudden changes in her surroundings. Furthermore, the fact that Jun Xiaomo could be reborn and have a second shot at life was a miracle in and of itself. How could such miracles keep happening to her time and again?

Therefore, after the initial shock from seeing Ye Xiuwen and Zhang Shuyue hold hands as they approached her had passed, Jun Xiaomo managed to collect herself and suppress the intense emotions in her heart.

As she analyzed and broke down her situation, she began to suspect the veracity of what she was seeing.

Then, with Ye Xiuwen and Zhang Shuyue’s relationship as the stakes, Jun Xiaomo broached the idea of a duel to Ye Xiuwen. If she won, then Zhang Shuyue would have to leave Ye Xiuwen’s side, never to appear before them again.

Such duels were in fact fairly common in the cultivation world, especially when two women were vying for the same man or when two men were vying for the same woman. Since it was not uncommon...

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