Chapter 130: Return from Death’s Domain, Jun Xiaomo’s Retaliation

Jun Xiaomo was absolutely unaware that Ye Xiuwen had encountered a counterfeit version of herself in another part of these Mistlands. She was faced with her own predicaments right now. She wrapped her hands tightly around the hilt of her sword and let the tip of the sword point to the ground loosely.

She did not make the first move. Instead, she simply stared at Zhang Shuyue and Ye Xiuwen with her obsidian-black eyes. Right now, there were no expressions that could be seen in the depths of her pupils. This was a completely different sight from how Jun Xiaomo would usually behave.

Across the plains, the counterfeit Ye Xiuwen did not reveal any expressions of suspicion nor concern. He simply stood at the side, watching passively as he tacitly approved of this duel between Jun Xiaomo and the counterfeit Zhang Shuyue.

And this was despite the fact that Jun Xiaomo could never win Zhang Shuyue with her current cultivation level. In fact, there was a good chance that she might even end up being killed by Zhang Shuyue as a result of this duel.

Furthermore, Ye Xiuwen was wearing his characteristic veiled conical hat right now, and none of the two ladies around could see his appearances with any clarity. Thus, after observing Ye Xiuwen for a moment, Jun Xiaomo shifted her attention away from Ye Xiuwen.

It was just then that Zhang Shuyue made her move.

Zhang Shuyue’s weapon...

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