Chapter 129: Treacherous Mistlands; The Soulless Lands

On the other side, Situ Cang’s lackeys were closely in pursuit of Jun Xiaomo and the rest. Several people even chased after them so eagerly that they too dove headlong into the Mystic Woods’s Mistlands.

“Come back. There’s no need to follow them in there.” Situ Cang’s calm voice rang out behind them. The rest of his subordinates who had not entered the Mistlands paused in their steps, glanced at each other with slight relief, before returning to Situ Cang. They bowed courteously to Situ Cang as they reported back to him.

“Master.” They called out in unison.

Then, Situ Cang nonchalantly explained, “These Mistlands within the Mystic Woods are also known as the ‘Soulless Lands’. The fog is created by the congealed fragrances emitted by patches of little red flowers. But don’t underestimate this fog. This fog possesses the power to draw out and amplify the worst fears in a person’s heart. It would even greatly magnify the pains and fears in a person’s heart. Those who fall prey to the fog’s illusions would forever be trapped within an endless cycle of their worst fears and nightmares, until their souls and fleshly bodies have finally been devoured and absorbed by these little red flowers.”

Situ Cang’s explanation of the dangers of these Mistlands sent a chill down the spines of the Dawn Sect disciples.

To be trapped in an endless cycle of their worst fears and nightmares until they slowly...

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