Chapter 128: The Hidden World in the Fog

Jun Xiaomo clutched anxiously at her clothes where she had originally tied the bag containing her little packrat. To her dismay, the bag was no longer there.

“Little Packie—”

“Brother Ye—”

“First prince—”

Jun Xiaomo kept on walking as she glanced around at her surroundings, hoping to catch a glimpse of the companions that she had lost sight of.

Yet despite that, her surroundings continued to be filled with a roiling, white fog. The fog was now so thick that she could hardly see beyond a radius of one meter – much less the silhouettes of her companions.

Jun Xiaomo’s heart began to palpitate. She stopped in her tracks and clutched at her chest, trying hard to regulate her emotions and calm herself down.

Her years of experience on the run had taught her that anxiety and being flustered would only serve to aggravate the situation. It was only when she had calmed down and regained her clarity of mind that she would be able to better assess the situation and think of the appropriate measures.

Then, just as Jun Xiaomo finally managed to recompose herself and adjust her thoughts, a silhouette of a person appeared in the distance.

She took a few steps closer to that silhouette. However, Jun Xiaomo discovered that the figure seemed to remain equidistance from her. Details such as the figure’s height, appearances or clothing continued to elude her. In fact, she could hardly even tell whether the figure...

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