Chapter 126: Exposed!

Jun Linxuan would never believe that Ye Xiuwen would be in cahoots with a demonic cultivator. He had seen Ye Xiuwen grow up since young and he knew this disciple inside out. Even if they could prove without a doubt that Ye Xiuwen had indeed been implicated with a demonic cultivator, Jun Linxuan had absolute faith that Ye Xiuwen must have his own reasons for doing so.

It had to be said that Jun Linxuan and Liu Qingmei were extremely doting parents. Despite the fact that Jun Linxuan held high expectations for his disciple and daughter, he would never hesitate to shelter them under his wings whenever others harboured any thoughts of bullying or oppressing his children.

Given Jun Linxuan’s obsession over his own cultivation, there was not a single person within the Sect whose cultivation speed could even come close to matching his. At this moment, the only two who could possibly subdue Jun Linxuan and keep him in check were the Grand Elder and the Second Elder. Even the Sect Leader He Zhang did not possess a cultivation level that could match Jun Linxuan’s. Therefore, when Jun Linxuan expressed his intention to protect his disciple to the very end, the other Peakmasters and Sect Elders could only look listlessly at each other with hesitation in their eyes.

A sect’s overall strength was directly related to the existence of experts within their numbers. The Dawn Sect was presently ranked second among all of the mid-tier sects, and this was largely attributable to Jun Linxuan and his efforts. Not only did Jun Linxuan possess immense abilities, the disciples...

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