Chapter 125: Jun Linxuan’s Infuriation

At the same time in Dawn Sect, the Sect Leader He Zhang had called an urgent meeting with all Peakmasters and Sect Elders, saying that he had a pressing matter that they needed to discuss together.

The Heavenly Peak’s Peakmaster, Jun Linxuan, was still in his closed-door cultivation. Therefore, his wife, Liu Qingmei, attended the meeting on his behalf.

“That’s not possible! How could Little Wen possibly be in cahoots with those demonic cultivators?!” After listening to He Zhang’s explanation of the issue at hand, Liu Qingmei stood up in fury and slammed her hands on the table.

In Liu Qingmei’s eyes, Ye Xiuwen was almost akin to her adoptive son. She had watched Ye Xiuwen grow and mature ever since he was a young little sprout. Therefore, her protective, maternal instincts kicked in strongly right now as she refused to see Ye Xiuwen receive the Sect’s punishment.

“Martial sister Qingmei, please don’t get so riled up. Do you think that I want to see a Dawn Sect disciple in cahoots with a demonic cultivator either? But apart from Ye Xiuwen, all the other disciples who are out on their travels have confirmed this.” He Zhang had always harboured furtive thoughts in his heart for Liu Qingmei. Even though his heart experienced immense elation from Ye Xiuwen’s predicament right now, he nevertheless had to display a look of worry and concern on his face.

“Where’s the proof? If there’s no proof, then this is nothing more than slander!” Liu Qingmei’s beautifully sharp brows...

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