Chapter 124: Situ Cang’s Personal Involvement

“Hey, what happened to you? Are you alright?”

A clear, crisp voice resounded from the side. Rong Ruihan was still relishing in the lingering emotions from his dream when he was jolted back to his senses.

He covered his eyes with his hands. As he wiped off the tear stains, Rong Ruihan struggled to collect his emotions and compose himself. Then, when he finally removed his hands, he was that expressionless and stoic first prince once again.

Yao Mo’s appearance immediately entered his field of vision. This young man’s face carried a trace of worry on it.

They had traveled and lived together with each other for some days now. Furthermore, they had fought alongside each other, entrusting each other their backs. Their earlier vigilance and guardedness towards each other have diminished, and they had also developed some form of friendship and trust for each other.

Naturally, Jun Xiaomo saw Rong Ruihan as her friend in her heart. But in Rong Ruihan’s heart, his feelings towards Yao Mo was a lot more complicated than that.

At the beginning, he had not even considered the possibility that Yao Mo and that lady of his dreams could even be remotely connected to each other. After all, one was a man, while the other was a lady. One wore green, while the other donned herself in red. One was charming and suave, while the other was aggressively beautiful. No matter how he looked, they were two separate,...

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