Chapter 123: Rong Ruihan’s Dreams (Previous Life)

His surroundings were completely enshrouded in a thick, stirring mist. Rong Ruihan was unable to tell what entity he was right now – whether a soul; a particle in the air; a gentle breeze; or even a secret observer of all that was around.

The only thing he did know was that he had slipped back into the same, old dream. In fact, this was part of the same dream that he had been having for over twenty years.

It all began when he was six years old. Rong Ruihan slipped and fell from a rock garden and knocked his head on the ground. As a result of that, he was rendered comatose for one day and one night.

During this period of time, he slipped into a long, tedious dream. In this dream, he saw a lady wearing red garbs battling with several fierce-looking men. It was a highly disadvantageous situation where several enemies were grouping up and attacking her at the same time. Yet, a cool and elegant smile was plastered on her face at all times – this lady was clearly filled with confidence.

It was evident that this lady’s techniques did not come from any of the upstanding or reputable sects. She swung her hands about menacingly, sending shockwaves slamming into her opponents who were rushing at her incessantly. These shockwaves exploded on impact, sending blood splattering everywhere. As time went by, this lady’s glowing jade skin began to be covered with splotches of blood as she battled on.

However, the crimson-red colour which was often associated with death did not make this lady look any more fearsome. Instead, the splashes of colour seemed to accentuate her charms and imbue her with an irresistible allure.

The assailants were stunned by this lady’s strength, and they backed off and regrouped, addressing the lady...

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