Chapter 122: The Game of Cat and Mouse

Situ Cang knew from his subordinates’ reports that Rong Ruihan was presently travelling together with Ye Xiuwen and Yao Mo.

This was the main reason that Situ Cang had summoned the members of Dawn Sect right now. Rong Ruihan understood the Grand Vizier’s thought processes extremely well. Naturally, he would be able to prepare the necessary countermeasures against the Grand Vizier’s innumerable formation arrays. Therefore, having failed in the last few attempts, Situ Cang realized that it was only going to get more difficult locating the trio on the run by tracking down Rong Ruihan.

Rong Ruihan was just like a slippery eel. Whenever the Grand Vizier’s subordinates drew near to pinpointing their exact location, they would suddenly vanish without a trace, thwarting all their progress thus far.

Therefore, Situ Cang decided to change tactics and locate the trio by instead tracking down the First-Seat Disciple of Heavenly Peak, Ye Xiuwen.

Qin Lingyu and the other Dawn Sect disciples walked along slowly as they entered the Grand Vizier’s residence. The path that they took was surrounded by peculiar and strange plants and flowers on both sides, creating an atmosphere of mystery and otherworldliness. Somehow, this seemingly unrelated matter further enhanced their impression of the Grand Vizier’s mastery over formation arrays.

Situ Cang’s servants led them into the guest conference room, before he bowed politely at them and took his leave.

Qin Lingyu and the rest waited in silence for quite some time before Situ Cang finally made his way into the room slowly. As he slowly strutted in, Situ Cang also brought with him...

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