Chapter 121: The Indomitable Situ Cang

Jun Xiaomo and the others took out the third Teleportation Scroll and activated it. As a result of Situ Cang’s formation array, the third Teleportation Scroll shone with an intense blue light, before fainting away feebly. Jun Xiaomo and the others remained in the center of the Teleportation Scroll’s area of effect, staring blankly at each other.

“Seems like the Teleportation Scroll has lost its effects.” Rong Ruihan sighed with resignation.

“Why would it lose its effects? The Teleportation Scroll doesn’t have an expiration date, does it?” Jun Xiaomo murmured as she held up the Teleportation Scroll in her hands to examine it. She began to run her fingers along the inscriptions on the Teleportation Scrolls as she gradually furrowed her brows.

Teleportation Scrolls were made with a special material, and their inscriptions were etched with spirit stones that had been ground to a fine powder. Therefore, there was immense energy contained within the scroll itself.

However, when Jun Xiaomo placed the Teleportation Scroll in her hand, she discovered that immense source of energy seemed to have disappeared. The mysterious sensation that these inscriptions normally emanated had also vanished into thin air along with its energy.

“Could another formation array be absorbing the Teleportation Scroll’s energy?!” Jun Xiaomo widened her eyes in shock.

“Is there such a formation array?” Rong Ruihan raised his eyebrows curiously.

“There is, but…” Jun Xiaomo knitted her eyebrows together as she added with some difficulty, “These formation arrays aren’t easy to prepare. Furthermore, the formation array would only be effective if the Teleportation...

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