Chapter 120: Three Men Act

Jun Xiaomo saw Ye Xiuwen’s white garbs out of the corner of her eye. Immediately, she collected and suppressed her earlier moment of anxiety and listlessness and adjusted her emotions and expressions. Then, with feigned imperturbation, Jun Xiaomo replied, “Your highness must be joking. What would I need to use an Alteration Talisman for?”

Rong Ruihan meaningfully glanced over at Ye Xiuwen on the side, before looking back towards Jun Xiaomo and chuckling lightheartedly, “This prince was only shooting off the hips. Brother Yao doesn’t have to take this prince’s questions to heart.”

Jun Xiaomo: …… Since you’re only shooting off the hips, why did you have to put on an expression as though you’ve seen through the pretense? It’s incredibly frightening, alright?!

Jun Xiaomo lowered her head and bit down furiously into the grilled meat in front of her. Then, she chewed and ground the meat down fervently, as though she were ventilating the frustrations in her heart on that poor little piece of meat.

Even though Ye Xiuwen was still quite a distance away, the divine sense that he had released around in his surroundings had allowed him to “listen in” to this conversation. His eyes darkened slightly, and suspicions once again arose in his heart as to Yao Mo’s true identity.

By the time Ye Xiuwen arrived back at Jun Xiaomo’s side, he had already collected his thoughts. He knew that he would not get any proper answers if he questioned Yao Mo about this directly. Therefore, he resolved that he would bide his time – he would wait until Yao Mo revealed his own identity to Ye Xiuwen of his own volition.


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