Chapter 119: Almost Exposed!

It was noon, and the sun hung high in the sky. Inside the Grand Vizier’s residence, several servants stood silently at their posts, bowing their heads in subservience. Even if there was something urgent that required their attention, they would go about doing their tasks gingerly, being careful to soften any sounds they made. They were especially wary because they knew that disturbing the man resting in the master bedroom might potentially incite the wrath of the Grand Vizier.

As a result of this, the Grand Vizier’s entire residence was enshrouded with a tense, oppressive atmosphere. Some of the servants even intentionally slowed down their breaths just to keep the silence. The usual hubbub and clamor of the residence was naturally suspended.

At this moment, a set of hasty footsteps broke up the oppressive silence in the atmosphere. A beautiful lady donned in exquisite robes wore an exasperated and infuriated expression as she marched into the Grand Vizier’s residence with a trailing entourage of eunuchs and palace maids as she arrived at the doorstep of the master bedroom.

“All of you wait outside. There’s no need for you to follow me inside.” The lady paused in her steps as she instructed the eunuchs and palace maids.

“Yes, Madam Concubine.” The entourage of eunuchs and palace maids responded in unison.

With that, the lady stepped into the master bedroom, and saw the second prince lying completely motionless on the bed. Instantly, tears welled up in her eyes and began to fall from her cheeks in large globules. She gnashed her teeth in fury as...

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