Chapter 118: Turmoil in Jun Xiaomo’s Heart

A blazing bonfire burnt brightly in the darkness of the woods. The flames danced about, giving off crisp, crackling sounds as its warm glow illuminated the faces of all who were around.

Three people huddled up close to the bonfire – two were seated and one was lying down. The one lying down was curled up underneath a thick, woolen blanket, while he lay on a luxurious rug made of Inferno Tiger skin. This tiger skin was fire-affiliated by nature, and it naturally warmed the person who rested on it.

These three people were Ye Xiuwen, Jun Xiaomo and Rong Ruihan. It was night, and the temperatures had plummeted. Furthermore, they had no choice but to spend the night under the stars, in the midst of a swathe of thick fog. The resultant cold was so sharp and chilling that it cut through the bone, straight to the marrow.

After Ye Xiuwen started the bonfire, he was concerned that Yao Mo, who had fallen asleep on the floor, would catch a chill. Therefore, he gingerly placed Yao Mo on a rug and covered him with a warm blanket, wrapping him up into a tight warm bundle, leaving only his head peeking out.

Now that the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense had finally been dispelled, coupled with the snuggling warmth of the blanket and the bonfire, Jun Xiaomo subconsciously displayed a look of contentment on her face. Two precious dimples surfaced on her cheeks and accentuated her features. It was extremely dear and adorable.

Moments later, Jun Xiaomo began to stir. Perhaps she had been wrapped up too tightly, and it was getting a little too warm and uncomfortable for her. Jun Xiaomo subconsciously...

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