Chapter 117: The Incensed Grand Vizier

Situ Cang continuously applied several talismans onto the second prince’s body. In particular, these were Situ Cang’s precious talismans that he had painstakingly crafted with blood, sweat and tears. He had specifically prepared these talismans for the purposes of overcoming tribulations, and he would never use them unless it was absolutely necessary.

Each of these talismans that Situ Cang used possessed the ability to slow down the loss of one’s life energy. Even though Situ Cang wanted to save them to preserve his own life, these considerations all went out of the window in that moment when he noticed that his only son’s life was dangling by a thread.

According to Situ Cang’s calculations, these talismans would be able to preserve his son’s life and avert the crisis before his eyes. However, the talismans did not achieve the purposes he intended.

Even after he used these talismans on his son, his son’s life force nevertheless continued to seep out from his body, albeit at a slower rate. If this situation continued without any form of intervention, the second prince’s death was only a matter of time.

It was evident that these talismans did not even display thirty percent of their intended efficacy.

Situ Cang’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was evidently on the verge of erupting in fury again. His frigid gaze swept across the bodies of everyone present as the energy within his body roiled and surged with every second.

He desperately wanted to find the culprit who had reduced his son to such a sorry state. However, he did not intend to let these Dawn Sect disciples go scot-free either.

They had all been in my son’s residence tonight – why is it that my son is so seriously injured, yet these people are completely fine?!

Situ Cang wanted to vent his frustrations and anger. He wanted to bury these Dawn Sect disciples together with his son!

At this moment, Situ Cang did not intend to let a single one of them off the hook – even the Chosen Disciple from Limitless Sect. After all, he possessed several tricks up his sleeve that could be used to cover up and conceal these heinous crimes. To a person of his cultivation level, it was hardly...

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