Chapter 116: Ke Xinwen’s Attempt to Kill with a Borrowed Knife

The Inferno Kingdom’s Grand Vizier, Situ Cang, is a widely known character in the cultivation world. He had spent almost two thousand years in order to finally raise his cultivation level to the Immortal Ascension stage. In and of itself, this was hardly considered an achievement to be beheld. But more importantly, he also possessed a distinguished status as an array master and a talisman master. These abilities of his more than made up for the lack of talent in his cultivation level.

There were numerous cultivators in the world at the Immortal Ascension stage of cultivation or higher. However, the number of array masters and talisman masters with this level of cultivation were few and far between. This was what earned Situ Cang his place on the pedestal in Inferno Kingdom. Otherwise, he would not necessarily have been able to maintain his position as the Grand Vizier for such a long time.

Present, Situ Cang had received news of his precious disciple’s injury in the moment when he first stepped out of his closed-door cultivation. His emotions immediately raged furiously, and he nearly destroyed half of his residence in his ire.

Apart from Situ Cang and the second prince’s mother, Concubine Ming, not a single third person knew the true identity of this second prince – Rong Yebin was not only the Grand Vizier’s disciple, he was in fact the Grand Vizier’s first and only son after almost a thousand within the Inferno Kingdom.

Concubine Ming was an extremely ambitious woman. She could tell that even though the present king had ordered the Jiang clan to be wiped out, he still deeply loved Jiang Yutong within his heart. So long as Jiang Yutong’s shadow remained in the king’s heart, she knew that she could never become...

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