Chapter 115: Ye Xiuwen and the First Prince’s Battle for the Top

The Soul Acuity Grass was not a difficult herb to find. It was known to grow beside a type of green vine that had leaves shaped like butterfly wings. As long as one managed to locate that green vine, then one would naturally also be able to locate the Soul Acuity Grass growing at the roots of the main vine.

Just a few days ago, when Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo passed by these woods, they had spotted many of these green vines with butterfly winged leaves. But back then, they had not considered the fact that the Soul Acuity Grass might one day come in handy. Therefore, they had simply turned a blind eye to the Soul Acuity Grass then.

It was the dead of night right now. Ye Xiuwen circled around the woods under the dim illumination of the moonlight, but he just could not locate any traces of these green vines with butterfly winged leaves.

In fact, what Ye Xiuwen did not know was that whenever night fell, these green vines with butterfly winged leaves would fold their leaves down along the stem of the vine. If one did not pause to take a closer look at each vine, it would be easy to mistake these vines for any other normal vines.

The Euphoria-Stimulating Incense’s effects incessantly tormented Jun Xiaomo and made her experience extreme discomfort. She remained in Ye Xiuwen’s embrace while she continued to call out “martial brother” from time to time. These murmurings and mumblings from Jun Xiaomo sounded weak and soft, but each one dealt a heavy blow to Ye Xiuwen’s heart.

Ye Xiuwen’s rationality was also dangling at the edge of the precipice right now. It was almost as though he had also fallen prey to the effects of the Euphoria-Stimulating Incense.

But no matter how hard he tried, he simply could not locate the Soul Acuity Grass. Dejected, Ye Xiuwen carried Jun Xiaomo as they returned to their original location.

By now, Jun Xiaomo’s head had grown incredibly hot to the touch. The only thing running through her dazed mind was that the tighter she embraced this man, the more comfortable she felt....

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