Chapter 114: The Moment of Confusion and Passion

Ye Xiuwen reeled in shock for a moment before he managed to collect himself. Then, the first thing that he noticed was how the heat emanating from Jun Xiaomo seemed to burrow through their clothing and onto his skin, causing his chest to experience a burning sensation.

Ye Xiuwen’s eyes darkened instantly. His rationality told him that he should strongly resist Jun Xiaomo’s advances. However, his body seemed to ignore the commands of his rational mind, and both of his hands remained frozen there in shock.

Jun Xiaomo’s soul could hardly be considered young or immature. After all, she had at one point in her previous life even been pregnant with child. At this moment, she clutched tightly at Ye Xiuwen’s neck as she tilted her head back with sensual delight. Her small delicate tongue crept out of the small crevice between her lips as though she were attempting to savour a delicacy placed right in front of her lips.

But her efforts were in vain. The tip of her tongue darted about Ye Xiuwen’s lips like a dragonfly skirted about the surface of a water body, but it couldn’t find an entry point. After thoroughly moistening Ye Xiuwen’s slightly parched lips, Jun Xiaomo retracted her tongue back into her mouth and continued to press her lips against Ye Xiuwen’s lips as she heaved and gulped sensually.

Jun Xiaomo’s eyes were extremely hazy, and her cheeks were slightly flushed as though she were intoxicated. However, though cheeky and mischievous, her actions had not come close to the line of debauchery or depravity. Rather, her earlier kiss was filled with a sense of sincerity that came from the bottom of her heart, as though she were communicating her deepest emotions to the person of her dreams.

At the same time, Ye Xiuwen reacted as though Jun Xiaomo had placed him under a bewitching spell. He finally lifted his hands and gently wrapped his arms around Jun Xiaomo’s nimble body as he embraced her.

“Martial brother…” Jun Xiaomo called out once more. Her voice sounded both aggrieved and bewildered...

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