Chapter 111: The Second Prince’s Astonishment and Fear

This embrace was simply too familiar to Jun Xiaomo, and she knew who it was without having to turn her head.

It’s martial brother Ye… She had initially intended to keep Ye Xiuwen in the dark about this matter. After all, given Ye Xiuwen’s character, he was bound to think of a way to prevent her from coming to this place.

However, she truly wished to obtain that stalk of Blackmoon Grass. She did not want Ye Xiuwen to wear that damned veiled conical hat for his entire life. She did not want him to look at others through a veil, and even received peculiar or even judgmental gazes from others for the rest of his life!

“Ungh…Pfft…” Jun Xiaomo spat out another mouthful of blood. Her true energy had been thoroughly suppressed, and she had no way of utilizing her mnemonics as per normal. As a result, her defensive capabilities had fallen, and the injuries she had sustained were far more severe than the second prince.

“Brother Yao treats others mercilessly. But, I’d never expected brother Yao to treat himself even more mercilessly.” The second prince slowly wiped off the traces of blood seeping out of his mouth as he mocked.

He had never been turned into such a sorry state by any of his preys before. This was the first time – and because of this, Jun Xiaomo had now thoroughly enraged him.

“Seems like your knight in shining armor had managed to arrive in the nick of time too.” The second prince grimaced as he glanced over at the man standing behind Jun Xiaomo, Ye Xiuwen. His eyes...

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