Chapter 110: Injury; A Failed Scheme

The dazzling bright light from the Thunderbolt Talisman happened in a flash, and the second prince was blinded momentarily. But seconds later, the second prince’s vision began to slowly recover.

“Yao…Mo!” The second prince put down his hands. His originally magnanimous and charming smile was now replaced by an incredible ferocious and vicious disposition. Even his previously flirtatious and coy-looking eyes were now filled with a diabolical and macabre intent. His previously perfectly pleasant aura was now completely gone.

Jun Xiaomo found herself completely shackled by the Confinement Array. She could no longer move her limbs, and she gazed indignantly at the second prince.

On the other hand, the second prince was incredibly satisfied with the present outcome, and the hatred in his heart dwindled slightly.

Then, he adjusted his expressions and smiled wickedly at Jun Xiaomo as she walked towards her while taunting her, “Wouldn’t it have been better if you had just given in earlier? Why do you have to force this prince to resort to all of this just to subdue you?”

Jun Xiaomo pulled a long face as she remained taciturn.

Then, the second prince lifted Jun Xiaomo’s chin and leaned over to Jun Xiaomo’s ear as he whispered, “Did the wine earlier taste good? I want you to know that even drinking this prince’s wine has its price, understand?”

As the second prince spoke, he started to reach his arm into Yao Mo’s clothes.

At this moment, Jun Xiaomo’s grimacing face suddenly brightened in a manic laughter. Her expression of indignation was suddenly laced with a nefarious intent. Even her coldly gleaming eyes looked deep and profound as though they were filled with the constellations of the skies as they...

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