Chapter 109: Sadistic Second Prince

“Hehe, Little Mo is truly audacious to have entered my residence alone. You truly deserve your place in my sights.” The second prince licked his lips as a roaring flame of passion ignited in his coquettish eyes, “What’s the matter? Where’s your dear knight in shining armor? Is he at ease that you’re coming alone to meet this prince at night?”

Jun Xiaomo chuckled lightly. There was not a single shred of anxiety on her face as she slowly replied, “The second prince likes to joke. Brother Ye and I are just regular friends, and it wouldn’t be right to describe him as my knight in shining armor.”

“Oh? Are you only regular friends?” The second prince responded with a meaningful gaze in his eyes. He had deliberately emphasized the word “regular”.

Jun Xiaomo raised her eyebrows, “That’s right. What other kind of relationship could we possibly have? Besides, second prince’s residence isn’t a tiger’s lair. Since it can’t swallow me or devour me, then there’s no reason for me to be afraid and cautious, right? Don’t you agree, second prince?”

“Hahaha…well said! This prince’s residence cannot be said to be a tiger’s lair at all. This residence is in fact a place where Little Mo can relax and enjoy life.” The second prince spoke suggestively. Then, he clapped his hands twice, and two beautiful women wearing nothing more than a translucent, silk-like cloth covering their bodies strutted out from the side of the courtyard, each of them holding a tray. Several bottles of wine were...

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