Chapter 108: Breaching the Tiger’s Lair


While Jun Xiaomo was hesitating, the first prince let out a loud howl as he pounced towards her and nudged her slightly as he tried to snatch the Messenger Paper Crane from Jun Xiaomo’s hands. His bloodshot eyes were filled with hatred and fanaticism against the owner of this message.

“Alright, be good. Shush!” Jun Xiaomo rapped the first prince’s head lightly, and the first prince slowly calmed down again. Then, he continued to half-squat beside Jun Xiaomo as he gazed back at her with a wronged expression in his eyes.

Jun Xiaomo rubbed her temples. She had almost forgotten this man’s existence in her room.

The first prince had remained in Jun Xiaomo’s room for the entire day. Therefore, Jun Xiaomo had just had the “fortune” of witnessing the entire process of how the first prince had transformed from a state of calm rationality to his present state of frenetic madness.

Even though she was only an observer, Jun Xiaomo could see that this entire process was accompanied by incredible pain and torment. The first prince’s body would erupt with an enormous amount of demonic energy like water bursting out of a dam. Large beads of perspiration would fill the first prince’s head before trickling down in turn while his lips would be drained of blood. During this entire process, the first prince would struggle to resist the demonic core’s hostile takeover of his body as he attempted to maintain his consciousness.

Then, red, serpentine veins would start to creep up from the side of the first...

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