Chapter 107: The Second Prince’s Threats and Promises

“Oh? Little Mo is interested in this stalk of Blackmoon Grass?” A flirtatious chuckle called out from the side, and Jun Xiaomo immediately knew who the owner of the voice was without even turning her head.

Apart from the second prince, no one else would speak to her with that tone of voice.

As Jun Xiaomo strongly repressed the urge to throw a punch at the second prince’s face, she turned around, gritting her teeth as she muttered, “That’s right. Therefore, I humbly ask the second prince to show magnanimity and refrain from fighting with me over this. After all, with the second prince’s status, I imagine this stalk of Blackmoon Grass is hardly something even worth considering to you.”

The second prince fanned himself in an urbane manner as he responded, “That’s true. This prince has within his residence many herbs that are far more precious and valuable than Blackmoon Grass. That measly stalk of Blackmoon Grass isn’t much to me at all. However, …”

At this juncture, Jun Xiaomo squinted her eyes with chagrin. She had a good feeling that the words about to be spoken by the second prince was the last thing that she would like to hear at this moment.

As expected, the second prince continued to torment Jun Xiaomo, “However, I’ve also said it before – I can never find it within me to resist any request from beauties like yourself. Since brother Yao is interested in this stalk of Blackmoon Grass, then this prince takes it upon himself to bid for it on your behalf. This way, brother Yao can also save some money for the road ahead. After all, it’s always important...

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