Chapter 106: Inferno Kingdom’s Grand Vizier, Situ Cang

At the same time, the first prince Rong Ruihan stood silently by the window in Jun Xiaomo’s room. A man dressed in stealthy black garbs half-knelt behind the first prince. That man’s sleeves were even embroidered with a complex pattern on it.

If Jun Xiaomo were present right now, she would immediately recognize this pattern on the man’s sleeves -after all, she had seen the exact same pattern in the cavern of her senior Jiang Yutong!

“Are you saying that…the Grand Vizier will come out of his closed-door cultivation soon?” Rong Ruihan looked past the busy streets of this little county and gazed into the distant. His eyes were filled with an incisive and frigid intent.

The direction that he gazed into was precisely where the Inferno Kingdom’s capital was located. He had spent over twenty years growing up in that place, yet he possessed not a single shred of memory pertaining to the Inferno Kingdom’s royal palace that was filled with warmth.

“Yes. Your subject has checked and collaborated with several sources. This news is indeed accurate.” The black-garbed man lowered his head as he spoke. His face was filled with a somber expression.

“Ah. That wily old fox is still ever so difficult to deal with. It’s already been over a thousand years, and he still refuses to let go of the authority in his hands. I’m afraid he must have expedited the completion of his closed-door cultivation because of these rumours about me, am I right?”

The first prince derided coldly. A thick layer of frost seemed to have gathered in his eyes as he continued to stare into...

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