Chapter 105: Ye Xiuwen’s Moment of Crisis

When Jun Xiaomo was reminded of how that humanoid object had bound and restrained her limbs for the whole of last night, and she was extremely reticent to agree to the first prince’s request.

If she accepted the first prince’s request right now, wouldn’t that mean that she would have to suffer the same kind of torment every single night moving forward? She certainly did not wish to be used as a “pillow” by some stranger every night.

The prospects of this was completely unacceptable to her, even if she were under the guise of a male cultivator right now!

The first prince noticed the distress plastered all over Jun Xiaomo’s face at his suggestion, so he slowly added, “You have to understand that if my ‘dear’ brother happens to capture me, then I’m afraid that your promise will thenceforth be impossible to fulfill.”

Jun Xiaomo appreciated this fact as well. Therefore, after much internal struggle, she glared at the first prince in a huff and unwillingly acquiesced, “Do what you want!”

It suddenly dawned on Rong Ruihan that this young man before his eyes was rather fun to mess around with because this young man wore his expressions on his sleeves. The first prince had spent the better part of his life growing up in the palace – a place filled with strife and schemes, tension and apprehension. It was an extremely refreshing sight to see someone as pure, innocent and even naïve as the young man before him now.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Rong...

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