Chapter 104: The First Prince’s Transaction

“I wonder what I have to do to earn the first prince’s trust?” Jun Xiaomo gritted her teeth slightly as she asked. Her eyes were filled with indignation.

The first prince chuckled coldly, before he explained, “There’s absolutely no reason for me to believe you now, is there? After all, you had accepted by brother’s bounty-related task to capture me only a few days ago. Yet now, you take out an object that is allegedly a keepsake from my mother and expect me to believe you? How do I know you haven’t tampered with the Blood Jade? How do I know I can trust you?”

Jun Xiaomo was unable to respond to the first prince. She had almost forgotten about these things.

“So, you know about our acceptance of the second prince’s bounty-related task.” Jun Xiaomo sighed.

“Of course. What about it? Are you going to confess that everything you’ve said till now had been a lie?” The first prince raised his eyebrows.

Jun Xiaomo explained herself, “That’s only the plan of the decision-maker within our group. Besides, the person who’s accepted the second prince’s task isn’t me. It’s that fella from Dawn Sect surnamed Qin. Furthermore, don’t you think it’s going to be harder for me to look for you if I hadn’t acquiesced to accepting this task?”

Her gaze remained calm and unwavering, and she locked eyes with the first prince.

The first prince Rong Ruihan deliberated for a moment, before he spoke once again, “Let’s...

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