Chapter 103: The Excessively Serene First Prince

Jun Xiaomo reassessed the situation before her. She had originally intended to feed this half-man, half-beast fellow with a Heart Purging Pill. However, now that it became clear that the first prince was not here to create a ruckus, she decided to shelf that thought.

Given the first prince’s condition, a Heart Purging Pill would only suppress the symptoms, but it would not cure the root of the problem. Unless the first prince could completely absorb and subjugate that demonic core’s energies, the effects of the Heart Purging Pill would only be temporary. In fact, once the Heart Purging Pill loses its effects, the backlash to the first prince might even worsen his condition.

Jun Xiaomo attempted to move her arms and her body. However, as soon as the first prince sensed this, he hugged Jun Xiaomo even more tightly. The heat radiating from the first prince made Jun Xiaomo’s face flush with a burning sensation – it was partly from embarrassment, and partly from anger.

She attempted to regulate her thoughts with some self-hypnosis – This is only a humanoid with animalistic instincts. This is only a humanoid with animalistic instincts…

Having recited that mantra several times, the flush on Jun Xiaomo’s face somewhat subsided. However, this did not change the fact that the first prince was hugging her so tightly that her limbs were beginning to feel sore and numb. If this went on, her limbs might even suffer from the loss of blood.

Squeak squeak! Her...

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