Chapter 102: First Prince; Half-Man, Half-Beast

Just like that, the fracas-filled auction ended with a thick, heavy atmosphere. Fortunately, the second prince had reserved for himself a booth within the auction, and everyone seated outside of the second prince’s booth was unable to witness the ensuing scene when the second prince had been severely tripped up by Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo. Otherwise, this crown prince would have been thoroughly embarrassed.

Notwithstanding that, the second prince truly lived up to his name as the heir to the throne. He possessed a far more sanguine temperament than people like Qin Lingyu and Ke Xinwen, and he managed to recover from this situation fairly quickly. As the auction ended, he fanned himself leisurely as he bid farewell to the entourage of Dawn Sect disciples.

As the second prince Rong Yebin departed with his subordinates trailing behind him, Jun Xiaomo shook her head helplessly and sighed, “Truth be told, if this person weren’t so lustful, I could learn to appreciate his character.”

Few people were able to compose and collect themselves and even dispel any thoughts of revenge so quickly after being schemed against by someone. At the very least, even Jun Xiaomo wasn’t sure that she would be able to do this.

Furthermore, the heir of a kingdom would always place an inordinate amount of emphasis on his appearances and reputation in public. Rong Yebin had had these trampled upon in public, yet he did not even appear to concern himself with getting back at Ye Xiuwen and Jun Xiaomo and salvaging some of his appearance and reputation. Evidently, he was far from being a petty person.

“It’s such a pity…” Jun Xiaomo sighed again, but she didn’t mention what she was feeling sympathetic about. Then, as another thought crossed her mind, Jun Xiaomo tapped on her chin as she thought aloud, “Come to think of it, does this mean that he will no longer harass me any further?”

Jun Xiaomo wasn’t a narcissist by any means. Rather, the second prince had made his intentions...

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