Chapter 101: It’s Your Loss, No Thanks!

Jun Xiaomo drew a deep breath, and then breathed out slowly.

She glared directly at the second prince as she forcibly plastered a smile on her face and gritted her teeth as she queried, “Second prince, what’s the meaning of this? Are you also interested in obtaining this talisman brush?”

Jun Xiaomo didn’t actually think that the second prince would take any form of interest in this talisman brush. After all, if he were truly interested in making talismans to begin with, the high officials within Inferno Kingdom would hardly hesitate to present him with talisman brushes of higher quality and grades in order to curry favour with him. Therefore, what could the second prince possibly want with a sixth-grade talisman brush?

The second prince continued to fan himself as he explained, “I noticed that Little Mo had taken a liking to this talisman brush, so I took it upon myself to buy it as a gift for Little Mo.” As he said that, he fluttered his eyes at Jun Xiaomo in a suggestive fashion.

Clearly peeved, Jun Xiaomo responded sharply with an annoyed tone of voice, “Since brother Ye has already decided to purchase it for me, why did second prince have to double the price?”

“The meaning attached to the brush won’t be the same. After all, the persons giving this gift are different.” The second prince explicated in a profound fashion, “And besides, the highest bidder always wins at an auction. If two people have set their eyes on the same object, that object naturally belongs to the one with the deeper pockets, wouldn’t you say so, brother Ye?”

The “object” mentioned by the second prince did not merely refer to the Seven Aperture Talisman Brush – it included Yao Mo as well.

In the eyes of the second prince, there were few people out there who could resist the temptation of money and wealth. Because of this, the second prince thought to flaunt his wealth and crush his competition, Ye Xiuwen. He did not believe that Yao Mo’s heart would not be moved by his present actions.

The second...

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