Book 1 Chapter 7.2

Book 1 Chapter 7.2 - Great Figure

Li Gaolei looked at the old man’s movements and didn’t say anything. He leaned on the back of his chair and casually asked, “What do you mean?”

Fazir brought out several photographs from his pockets and gently pushed them. The photographs glided across the glossy table and arrived in front of Li Gaolei. After just a glance, his face immediately changed. He hatefully cursed, “That son of a bitch!”

On the green background, there were pictures of intruder cells and dead cells everywhere. This was the image Li Gaolei saw back then on the doctor’s computer screen.

All of the pictures were of this scene.

Fazir removed his glasses and used a white handkerchief to carefully wipe them. The seemingly muddled eyes looked at Li Gaolei. “When I saw these pictures, I was extremely disappointed. During these past two days, I haven’t been able to sleep properly at all. I’ve always been thinking about this matter. You have to understand that I’ve always had a favorable impression of you and personally brought you up to your current position. Don’t you think that you owe me an explanation and tell me exactly what happened? Was this some wild scheme or something else?”

Li Gaolei didn’t reply and instead looked towards the two youngsters behind Fazir. He asked, “These two are?”

Fazir shifted his body and pointed towards the two youngsters. “Ha! It seems like I’ve truly become old, forgetting to even do introductions. This one is Mister Laiknar, and this one is Mister O’Brien. They are both members of the Black Dragonrider, and they’ve come specifically for this… intruder cell incident.”

When their names were mentioned by Fazir, the two youngsters stood up and lightly greeted Li Gaolei. They displayed a rather refined etiquette.

When the gray-haired youth bowed, a melodious and sweet-sounding voice could be heard. “Black Dragonriders first class soldier, O’Brien.”

The other person followed suit and said, “Black Dragonriders lower member, Laiknar Fabregas.”

O’Brien earnestly made his greetings, while Laiknar’s carried a hint of arrogance. It seemed like he was particularly proud of his family name.

Li Gaolei didn’t know whether there really was a family named Fabregas or not, but from Laiknar’s expression, it was most likely a well known name. However, as for what kind of family Fabregas was, it was already no longer important. When he heard the words Black Dragonriders, Li Gaolei’s eyes immediately twitched. He originally wanted to light a cigarette, but his match didn’t produce any flames even after several attempts.

Li Gaolei stared at Fazir and asked, “If my assumptions aren’t wrong, you should already have people investigating this branch, right?”

Fazir reached out a hand and said, “There hasn’t been a big fuss made over this, and there is no need for such actions either. After all, other than you and Lawston, no one else knows about this. Li is still a child, so I don’t think she knows about it either. If she didn’t get infected by this… intruder cell, then there is no need for her to know.”

Li Gaolei crumpled the cigarette that hadn’t been lit. WIth a voice that was clearly a bit hoarse, he asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Fazir’s body that was putting on weight leaned backwards, and with a smile, he said, “This is how it should be. You know the source of the intruder cells, so what you need to do is aid these two Black Dragonriders in finding the origin. Oh, right, I almost forgot to tell you. The most important part of our cooperation with the Black Dragonriders is honesty. In order to make sure that this honesty is not broken, Sally has already been sent to the Black Dragonriders to receive a year’s time of free education. I can promise that it will definitely be the Black Dragonriders’ standard education. This is something that many families and companies offer large amounts of money for, yet they can only beg without receiving any opportunity.”

“Sally!” Li Gaolei’s eyes abruptly widened. His messy short hair seemed to completely stand up straight! However, Fazir was still all smiles, as if he didn’t receive any of Li Gaolei’s pressure.

The roaring tiger immediately restrained his anger and abruptly sat back down.

Fazir smiled and said, “This is how it should be. The benefits of staying a year with the Black Dragonriders will leave endless benefits on Sally’s life. Moreover, she is already thirteen years old, so if her body’s mutated tissues doesn’t receive treatment, she will be changed forever. The Black Dragonriders have already promised to completely cure her. You know that Roxland doesn’t have that kind of technology.”

Li Gaolei’s weakness was attacked once again. His expression distorted, and his breathing became so heavy that it resembled a steam train. His head was deeply buried within his two hands. Only after a bit of time had passed did he raise his head and say in an overcast voice, “Let Li go.”

Fazir smiled delightfully and said, “I’ve already said that Li is still a child. Moreover, she is extremely talented. The company needs her.”

At this time, Laiknar stood up and said with a smile, “I am glad that we are able to cooperate. Right now, I need to know all of the details concerning to how you’ve obtained the intruder cell specimen.”

A while later, a colored sketch of Su appeared in front of Li Gaolei. He had to admit that this portrait was close to perfection, especially the calm green eye that seemed to hide a volcano. It made Li Gaolei feel as if Su was truly standing right in front of him.

This image was produced by O’Brien’s hands. The quiet and even a bit bashful young first class soldier possessed a one-of-a-kind talent for the arts. Purely based on Li Gaolei’s oral recount, his colored pencils produced this near perfect replica after making only a few changes.

Laiknar carefully looked at Su’s portrait and said, “His outward appearance is rather distinctive. It shouldn’t be hard to find him. Mister Li Gaolei, we need the assistance of your men. If they ever receive news of this individual, they should immediately report to us. We are preparing a few vehicles right now and are heading for Asmo first.”

Li Gaolei looked at Laiknar. Even though this individual’s arrogance was a bit discomforting, his strength was undoubtedly great. Despite merely standing next to him, Li Gaolei felt a prickling sensation on his skin.

“Do you need reinforcements? This Su is rather hard to deal with,” said Li Gaolei.

Laiknar gave O’Brien a glance and calmly replied, “There is no need. We’ve brought our own men. No matter how troublesome this Su is, as long as we can find his traces, me and O’Brien will be enough to deal with him. All you need to do is provide transportation and show the way.”

An hour later, Li Gaolei left the general headquarters building on his off-road vehicle and sped along the road that led outside the city. The one sitting next to him in the front was Laiknar, and O’Brien occupied the machine gun’s operating position. They looked left and right along the way, observing Pendulum City with great interest.

When the off-road vehicle passed the western plaza, Li was standing on the rooftop, coldly watching the soldiers do their drills. Her fluttering maroon-colored hair was extremely noticeable.

Laiknar’s eyes were focused on Li, engraving every single one of her curves into his memory. From the moment he first saw her, Li’s slender yet powerful legs gave Laiknar an extremely profound impression. Only when the off-road vehicle turned the corner and he could no longer see Li did he retract his gaze. He laughed and said to O’Brien, “I truly never thought that a small place like this would even have such a babe! When we finish what we have to do, I have to find a way to have a night with her. But to be honest, once might not be enough! Regardless, do you have any interest? If you do, I’ll leave her to you!”

O’Brien frowned. He keenly noticed a shred of anger that was difficult to sense seep out from Li Gaolei’s body. Towards Laiknar’s question, he calmly said, “I already have someone I like.”

Laiknar laughed out loud and said, “Hey! There’s no need to be so strict with yourself. Isn’t the point of coming out to relax? Alright, alright, let’s not talk about this subject anymore. However, I truly want to know what kind of person could move a fellow like you.”

O’Brien laughed gently and didn’t answer this question.

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