Book 1 Chapter 6.3

Book 1 Chapter 6.3 - Intruder

“Who knows? I’ve never seen this kind of pistol before. I truly don’t know what kind of madman would make such a thing.”

The two individuals quietly chatted. They suddenly saw Li Gaolei enter, which immediately startled them so much they stood perfectly straight. They gave the proper greetings.

Li Gaolei nodded towards them and walked into the shooting range. As soon as he entered it, deafening gunsounds could be heard. Comparatively, the volume was even louder than his beloved modified desert eagle.

Bang bang bang! Three gunshots sounded continuously, and a wave of heat even roiled over. Afterwards, Li cursed angrily. “God fucking dammit!”

Li Gaolei arrived behind Li and followed her gaze. The wall fifty meters out was full of enormous bullet holes. These bullet holes were all completely unorganized, and the only common factor was that almost all of them were quite far from the target sheet. The upper body sheet only had two bullet holes, yet they seemed to tear completely through the paper.

In Li’s hands was precisely Su’s modified pistol. In front of the shooting stage were two cases of bullets. She had already fired two rounds of twelve bullets, yet under the distance of fifty meters, she only hit her target twice. When three rounds were fired in succession, the results were even worse, without a single one hitting anywhere close to the target.

Under a distance of fifty meters, no matter what kind of military standard pistol it was, Li only needed to fire a few shots. After that, every single shot would land perfectly within the bullseye.

The two cases seemed like they contained ordinary 5.56 millimeter standard rifle bullets, only, the way light reflected off their surface seemed a bit different, drawing Li Gaolei’s curiosity. He picked up a bullet, and after inspecting it, he found that there were fine and complicated carvings on its surface. They seemed just like the decorative patterns one would see on precious metal instruments during the old era. However, the patterns were clearly not as simple as those of decorations. Li Gaolei picked up another bullet and compared them. The carvings on the two were exactly the same, as if they were carved from an extremely precise machine.

Li Gaolei suddenly seemed to recall something. His expression changed slightly, and he silently returned the bullets.

Li already reloaded a round of bullets and stared at the target sheet like a wolf. She stood without moving for a long time, then suddenly, she threw the pistol to Li Gaolei and said, “Hey, give this freakish gun a try!”

Afterwards, the pistol suddenly dropped from the sky, landing on the ground. The pistol’s hammer was shaken, and the gun suddenly released a burst of smoke. A bullet flew out, striking the center of the target and completely blowing apart the damaged upper chest target sheet. Meanwhile, the tremendous recoil blasted the pistol back, not stopping until it struck against the wall.

Li suddenly turned around and looked at Li Gaolei. She saw that Li Gaolei’s face was a bit pale. A bead of sweat sliding down his face made its way through the layers of stubble with difficulty, and ultimately entered his collar.

“My bad. My mind wandered just now.” Li Gaolei’s explanation was just as weak as his smile.

Under Li’s gaze, Li Gaolei awkwardly chuckled and asked, “The mission this time, did you bring that pistol with you?”

Seeing Li’s grimacing expression, it was clear that this question struck right at her sore spot. During the battle, Li used this pistol to fire a round of six bullets. The amount of power it produced surpassed even the group’s two anti-aircraft machine guns, yet not a single one hit its mark. This pistol’s tremendous power and its abysmal accuracy became a topic of discussion. If this happened to someone else, this would have definitely become a long term matter for ridicule. However, this was Li’s personal command, so all of the soldiers were well aware of Li’s terrifying power. Therefore, the problem had to lie in the gun. As a result, the topic during idol chatter became the origins of this gun.

Little did they imagine that this subject pissed Li off even more than her terrible aim. Unfortunately, Li couldn’t flip out over this.

As a result, as soon as she returned to Pendulum City, Li immediately headed for the underground shooting range to test the gun.

Li Gaolei recalled the terrifying scene on the doctor’s computer screen. He then looked at the two cases of 5.56 millimeter bullets that came from the same place, and he suddenly released a laugh. He walked over to the wall and picked up the modified pistol. Walking over to the shooting platform, he immediately fired five shots in succession with a raise of his hand!

The enormous gunshot sounds reverberated through the shooting range, to a point where quite a bit of dust even fell from the ceiling. Li Gaolei’s results were quite a bit better than Li’s, with two shots hitting out of five. The remaining three were not that far from the target either. However, this result was enough to make Li Gaolei frown. For him, whose simple weapon proficiency had already reached the fourth level, after getting used to the trajectory, his shots within this fifty meter range should not have deviated more than three millimeters. This signified that every single bullet could land in the bullet hole of the former bullet. However, this pistol was too unusual. Every single bullet’s fired trajectory was different, so even with Li Gaolei’s instant reaiming ability, he still could not correct every shot. Being able to land two shots was already quite amazing.

After emptying the barrel, Li Gaolei removed the ammunition case and carefully inspected the pistol’s composition. The sample he gave Doctor Lawston was precisely from this pistol. If he was infected by the intruder cells, then who knows what kind of monster he would have transformed into. Moreover, this pistol had already been at Li’s side for several days. From what he had seen of the intruder cells’ life cycle, the cells on the pistol should have long died out. Moreover, he touched this pistol at the very beginning, and he had just touched the bullets too. If there truly were still some intruder cells alive, then he wouldn’t be able to escape them. Thus, Li Gaolei understood.

The craftsmanship of this pistol was rather crude. For the sake of accommodating rifle bullets, all of the modified components were handmade. Moreover, the precision wasn’t that high, and from just a glance, it was clear that it wasn’t the work of any great master. It seemed to be a gun produced by some black market weapon creator in a random inhabited land. Even the front sight of the pistol was crooked, and the original owner of the gun did not calibrate it at all. It was clear that he couldn’t make use of this front sight at all. It could be said that other than its great power, there was nothing good about this pistol. Moreover, a large portion of its power came from the carvings made on the bullets.

Li Gaolei pulled over a display screen from the side of the shooting platform and pressed a few times on top of it, bringing up the high speed recording of the trajectory. From the display, he could see that when the bullet flew roughly fifty meters, it already completely exploded, turning into several dozen high speed metal granules. Even though the penetrative force of the bullets decreased, the potential it had of killing living organism was improved several tens of times. However, as a result, the bullet’s trajectory already became unsteady after ten meters.

“Look,” Li Gaolei said towards Li, “I believe that the pretty boy of yours would only use this pistol within twenty meters.”

Li received the pistol and casually inserted it into her waist. The moment the gun left her hands, Li’s sharp senses detected a sudden exhale from Li Gaolei. She looked at him with a strange expression, as this action left her somewhat confused.

Li put away the bullets and walked out of the shooting range. When she walked past Li Gaolei, she patted his chest and said, “Thanks! I’m going to shower first, then let’s go for lunch, my treat!”

Looking at Li’s back, Li Gaolei couldn’t help but say, “Hey, you’ve left for several days, I think it’s better if the doctor tests your blood to avoid…”

Li stopped her steps and looked strangely at Li Gaolei.

Li Gaolei rubbed the beard around his lips that felt like steel wires and said in a dismissive manner, “I’ve heard that recently, there are many types of new mutated creatures. After leaving for so long, it’s better if you examine yourself. Just in case!”

Li frowned and impatiently said, “You are getting more and more annoying! Alright, I’ll go and test my blood in a bit. Lunch will still be on me, but you are paying for the booze!”

After speaking, Li didn’t even turn her head around before walking out.

With a clang sound, a coin sprung up from Li’s left hand. It quickly turned, releasing a pleasant ringing sound. It seemed like it was just about to hit the ceiling before it dropped down and once again disappeared within Li’s left hand.

Li had already left the shooting range for a while, yet Li Gaolei still felt like the coin was spinning in the air. The continuously flickering radiance was extremely blinding.

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