Book 1 Chapter 5.4

Book 1 Chapter 5.4 - Welcome to the Jungle!

What followed was a struggle of physical strength in the darkness. The two of them completely relied on their strength and reaction speed. Li’s complex fighting and killing techniques were completely useless here. For a long time, Li and Su were engaged in a wrestling state.

The chaotic fight had not even reached a minute when both sides were gasping for breath and dripping with sweat. Then, Li suddenly began to develop a bad feeling. They were under extreme darkness, so she should be able to block his eye and smash his face, but Su seemed to be able to see her every movement to a near perfect degree. Even though Li strengthened four levels of strength and two levels of defense, as well as even three levels of dexterity, if this struggle continued, her body’s consumption would far surpass Su’s. During the search earlier, she had already exhausted too much strength.

A terrifying thought suddenly passed Li’s mind. “Could it be that he could see me?”

Another round of ferocious wrestling began!

Li’s body suddenly became weak, and her chest even began to emit waves of fishy smell. It was as if she couldn’t breathe. She knew that the last bit of energy she had was exhausted.

Waves of intense pain came from her arm, and at this moment, her face was pushed into the ground. Her two hands were pulled behind her back and held firmly in place by one of his arms. After releasing a final breath of air, Li immediately felt her entire body go soft. The slightest movement seemed to require all of her concentration. From Li’s perspective, Su’s power had reached an incomparable level. His movements were clean and efficient, not leaving her the slightest chance to resist.

“Does he never get tired?” This thought suddenly appeared in Li’s mind. She couldn’t help but recall Su sprinting for an entire minute at 60 kilometers per hour. Even though she immediately thought of what was about to happen, a layer of sweat immediately appeared on her body as she struggled.

However, Su’s movements would always be precise and powerful, leaving her with not even the slightest bit of hope. His left hand tightly grabbed Li’s two arms, and his right leg pinned down her legs. With a raise of his left hand, he lifted her off the ground.

“You wanted to rape me?” Su’s voice was always soft and alluring. It completely contrasted with his previous rough actions.

Li clenched her teeth and shouted, “Yes! This time, you are quite lucky. Next time, your luck won’t be that good. I said you were mine, so sooner or later, I will have my way with you! Why don’t you escape now. I want to see how far you can run!”

Su seemed to smile a bit and said, “Why should I run?”

Li laughed coldly and said, “If you aren’t going to run, are you saying you are going to let me fuck you?”

“Wrong, I am going to be the one doing you!” Su’s voice and what he said contrasted greatly.

Li’s hair seemed to almost stand up on end as she screamed, “You dare!!”

It was just like what Li Gaolei said. She couldn’t prevent this result, only, she definitely wasn’t willing to passively take it.

Su’s right hand flashed, and reached for the zipper of her upper garment. Then in just a few seconds, Li’s sturdy yet thin upper garment became a tool for binding her arms. Su raised her up and then pressed her down on top of the table. His flexible right hand easily removed the leather lower garments.

“Su! You dare…” Li howled for a short moment, but then she abruptly inhaled. The powerful and rough battering directly caused her to swallow back her threats!

Su’s battering was simple, direct, and rough like a great storm. He easily shattered Li’s defenses. She had long become weary and exhausted, so under these ferocious attacks, she couldn’t even endure five minutes. The roars and threats immediately became uncontrollable moans. Li felt as if her second level of defense strengthened body was like a small boat being battered by a storm in the middle of a great sea. It was possible for her to completely collapse if this continued for even a minute longer.

However, the raging tempest persisted for an entire hour!

Su meticulously once again wrapped his bandages around himself, and only after he completely dressed himself did Li release a groan. She barely managed to raise her head and lift her eyelids that felt like they weighed several tons. She fiercely stared at Su. Her arms had already recovered her freedom, and her black leather clothes were folded in a neat and tidy manner at her side. However, every single bone in Li’s body seemed to have become detached, so she couldn’t even reach her hand out to grab them. The clothes that were so neatly arranged that they seemed to be carved out of a knife seemed to be ruthlessly mocking her.

So fucking humiliating! This was what Li weakly thought.

Su reclined on a long table and brought out a cigar. After cutting off the tip and lighting it, he took a deep breath and said, “The flavor isn’t bad!”

Li recognized that this was the cigar in the pocket of her clothes and couldn’t help but release a curse. She didn’t know where she got the strength, but she suddenly got up and stood up bare naked in front of Su. She stared hatefully at him. Only, her legs immediately became weak and almost dropped back onto the ground. The fierce appearance she struggled to produce weakened just like that.

“These are the rules of the game you created, so I’ve participated and won. That’s why you should pay the cost.” Su’s voice was pleasant to listen, to as usual, but Li truly wanted to smash his nose in even though she never truly saw what it looked like.

“I’ll admit it this time! Relax, I won’t cause trouble for you for this. However, in the future, Su, you have to be careful and better not fall into my hands!” Li narrowed her eyes and said fiercely.

Su laughed.

With exceeding resentment, she noticed that his lips seemed to be prettier than even her own. Meanwhile, the remaining half of the cigar seemed to match him better as well.

“I also have my own principles, and that is that after using a woman, I would always pay.” Su spoke and reached his hand into his pockets. Only, his hand suddenly went rigid and stopped in his pocket. However, immediately after, a smile appeared on his face again, and his hand was pulled out.

In his palm was was a sparkling coin.

Li felt as if there was a rock stuck in her chest, and her full chest suddenly undulated up and down. Her eyes seemed to gush out with even more flames as she clenched her teeth and said, “This is how much I’m worth?”

“This is all the money I have on me.” When she heard what Su said, much of the fury in Li’s chest immediately scattered.

Su got up from the long table and placed the single yuan on the table before walking away from the room. Li grabbed the clothes on top of the table and put them on. When she had pulled up the zipper all the way, Su had just reached the door.

“Stop!” Li’ve voice was ice cold. A bit of the murderous dictator’s grandeur had returned.

Su turned around and quietly looked at her.

“You’ve fucked me and also took my cigar. You’ve already paid the money for me, but you still haven’t paid for the cigar. Hand over the money!” Li looked at Su’s stunned expression with satisfaction.

Su never would have thought that Li would use this type of argument. Li’s eyes were extremely cruel and saw through his principles that weren’t easily breakable. However, it was impossible for Su not to feel embarrassed, for there wasn’t a single coin on him. It could be said that ever since Su killed the blood sucking creature above Li’s head, his mental state had already been under incredible pressure. Moreover, the hour of great effort had exhausted even more of his mental state. The cigar was a good way to relax, and under the intense state of excitement and nervousness, Su revealed a rare bit of negligence. He never expected Li to be different from his past prey.

“However…” Su bitterly looked at the coin on the table and said, “This is already all the money I have. How about this. Give me some time. I’ll complete some missions and give you the money later.”

“I want your pistol!” Li’s expression was resolute.

Su wanted to say something, but in the end, he silently left the room. When he came back, all of his equipment was on him. Su placed the modified pistol and two cases of bullets on the table and pushed it towards Li.

Li picked up the pistol that was a bit unreasonably sized and weighed it in her hand. Then, without any trace of politeness, she stuck it into her back and said, “The debt is settled!”

This time, Su did not walk out of the door, and instead directly went to the front of the window. The hinge of the window was knocked out with a single kick.

“Su!” Li stopped him. Her left hand aimed between his brows and made the motion of firing with her hand. “Next time we meet, I will definitely be the one to do you in!”

Su hesitated for a moment before finally saying, “If the rules are the same, then no matter how many times we play the game, it will always end in today’s result.”

After speaking, Su left the ashen faced Li and soared out of the window opening. He disappeared into the night forest.

Li stood by herself in the room for quite a long time before the anger and humiliation in her chest dissolved. She walked a few steps and kicked with her boots. The small dagger on the floor seemed to come alive as it voluntarily returned to her hands. Li similarly jumped out of the window like Su did.

Before leaving, she did not forget to take the coin on the table with her.

Within the darkness, Li was like a black cat, a bit abnormal yet graceful as she silently landed on the ground. Only, when she landed, her legs became a bit weaker, and only after swaying a few times did she steady herself. This action did not have any of the intimidating pressure from before.

The forest is a dangerous place at night. All types of mutated creatures came out from their dwellings to feast, and all of them were vicious in their own way. However, the mutated creatures that encountered the furious Li and her fine dagger were truly unlucky. Li hacked apart all of the creatures in her way, and among them were hundreds of blood sucking mosquitos.

With a putong sound, Li threw herself onto the off-road vehicle’s driver seat. She casually tossed Su’s pistol onto the dashboard. The enormous pistol immediately drew Li Gaolei’s attention. He grabbed it and flipped it around before asking, “This is his gun?”

“It’s mine now.” Li replied in a cunning voice.

Guns N’ Roses ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ tirelessly roared. This was normally her favorite song, but right now, it sounded extremely annoying.

Ka la! Li directly punched the radio, and it was finally given a chance to rest after howling for an entire day.

Li Gaolei sat beside her obediently. He placed the pistol back to its original position. Then, he began to stare into the pitch-black forest with a lifeless expression.

Li silently sat for a while. Then, she said, “Give me a smoke!”

Li Gaolei handed a cigar over without cutting off the tip or lighting it up. She chopped off the tip of the cigar and lit it up before abruptly starting the car. The off-road vehicle roared. It first backed up a few meters, and then with a full turn, it sped into the darkness.

Li Gaolei watched the scenery change outside his window and listened to the rumbling of the engine and howling of the wind. With a chuckle, he asked in a seemingly profound tone, “From your state, it seems like it didn’t go too well?”

Li continued to stare in front of her, and her words seemed to be squeezed out of her clenched teeth. “Bullshit! My mind and body are both perfectly fine!”

Li Gaolei indifferently shrugged his shoulders. A while later, he felt a bit bored and began to hum...

Welcome to the Jungle!

We got fun and games...

A teeth aching breaking sound suddenly reverberated through the darkness. Then, the off-road vehicle’s right door was opened, and the robust Li Gaolei flew out. He fell heavily seven or eight meters outside.

The off-road vehicle raised a storm of smoke and dust before turning and leaving abruptly.

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