Book 1 Chapter 4.2

Book 1 Chapter 4.2 - Trouble

There was an old modeled tank from the olden age at both the front and back of the group. In between were three trucks that were packed with soldiers. The most eye-catching one was a rotating type command truck with vehicle armor.

The goal of this fleet was clear: once they reached the destination, the two tanks stopped in front of Base N11 and seal off its entrance. The soldiers that numbered more than a hundred on top of those three trucks formed two defensive lines behind the tanks. Even though these soldiers weren’t equipped with one level of ability like Turner’s small troop and their gear weren’t as high quality, their numbers were five times greater. Together with the two tanks, they were perfectly capable of crushing through Base N11’s armed forces.

The armored command vehicle had a few fighters on top of it as well. Their dark camouflage, modern age automatic rifles, and strong movements all distinguished them from ordinary soldiers.

Su, who was hiding a kilometer away, narrowed his eyes. These fighters were prepared with second level abilities, and among them, there were even two soldiers who were third level! After seeing the excellent sniper rifle in the third level soldier’s hands, Su hid himself even better.

The soldiers in front had already used their loudspeakers to advise surrender, and a few of their specialized fighters entered the cave. At this moment, the roof of the command truck opened, and two individuals wearing commander attire emerged. They sized up the hill that concealed Base N11.

“Listen up, people inside! We are operating under the orders of Roxland Company! As of this moment, Roxland Company will assume control over this base. All of you have three minutes to open up the gate and surrender. All of the base’s facilities need to be perfectly intact! Otherwise, you all are voluntarily suffering the consequences!”

The loudspeaker repeated the monotonous yet effective threat. As it rang through the air, gunshots suddenly sounded from within the mountain cave. Even though he was still far away, Su immediately knew that these were the shooting sounds of the automatic defenses around the base. Soon after, the special soldiers emerged from the cave entrance in rather sorry states. When they came out, their numbers had lessened by two; however, the package that they brought in was no longer on them.

A moment later, an enormous explosion sounded. The cave erupted with thick smoke and countless crushed rocks. Soon after, cracks appeared all around the mountains. The rumbling sounds continued, and eventually, half of the hillside was blown off by the powerful explosion!

Rocky fragments continuously scattered down, some of them pounded on the tanks’ exterior and the soldiers that had long lain low on the floor. Roxland Company’s soldiers were all equipped with steel helmets and bulletproof vests, so almost no one was injured as a result. Under the rain of stones, even though the command truck flew more than half a meter into the air, the two commanders continued to stand perfectly straight as if they were nailed to the truck.

After the entire hill cover was blown off, Base N11’s large gate was revealed. There were no longer any signs of the automatic defensive weapons outside of the base. The gear-shaped door caved in, and the transport machine could be seen. As long as there was another explosion, or even a few rounds from the tanks, the door into the base would be opened. From the firm infrastructure of the base’s gate, even though this explosive power was great, it still shouldn’t have caused such a thorough destruction. However, unknowingly how, the gate of the base was ruined like this.

Right at this moment, something unexpected happened. The intense shockwaves travelled over a kilometer away, directly collapsing a small two story house. Su, who was on the roof of this abandoned building had no choice but to jump off. He softly landed on the ground.

As soon as he was exposed, the two commanders on the command truck immediately noticed him! The two individuals seemed to raise their binoculars at the same time towards Su’s direction. Meanwhile, the elite soldiers around the command truck also also noticed Su, and they raised their gun sights one after another. Of course, with a distance of over 1200 meters, only the third level sniper with the RF 1000 sniper rifle produced by the Carter Roman Company could pose a true threat to him.

When Su landed, he immediately half kneeled on the ground. He propped up his long rifle and aimed it straight at the third level sniper. The ground continued to tremble, and the winds brought about by the explosion howled about, raising Su’s cloak. However, the sniper rifle in his hands didn’t seem to move in the slightest.

Su’s pupils immediately shrunk to form a cross, but he did not pull the trigger.

At this distance, there was no need for him to use any optical instruments. Su had already recognized that one of the commanders on top of the truck was Lizzy, the woman who broke into his room!

The woman wore a well-fitted senior officer uniform, and on her shoulder loop was a glaring gold star. Her short hair was completely hidden within a beret, and a layer of moral integrity covered her face. Her eyes seemed to be flickering with killing intent. At this moment, Lizzy had completely turned into a cold-blooded soldier. Where did the completely drunk and passionate girl from that night go?

The commander beside her pointed towards Su’s distant figure and shouted, “Kill that person!”

The third level sniper replied and made his move. His finger closed in on the trigger and aimed for his shot.

Su was like a sculpture, not moving a muscle. His green eye continuously enlarged that sniper’s movements, to the point where even the slight twitches of his facial muscles could clearly be seen. Su did not rush his shot. Under this distance, as soon as that sniper showed any signs of firing, Su could easily dodge first. In addition, he had a strong feeling that he shouldn’t be the one to shoot first.

“Stop!” Lizzy immediately shouted. She pressed down the other commander’s hand.

The sniper naturally knew who was truly in charge. After hearing the order, he immediately loosened his finger from the trigger. The instant he loosened his finger, the heavy pressure he felt suddenly disappeared.

“Senior officer, that person is extremely suspicious. It seems like he followed us this entire time. In addition, he seems like a sniper, so I think it’s better if we get rid of him…” The other commander seemed to not agree with Lizzy’s order.

Lizzy coldly interrupted him. “I said to let him go! Do not provoke him!”

“But…” The other commander was not an easily convinced character.

Lizzy’s face became even more overcast. “Are you going to doubt my command a third time? Give me an answer, middle-rank officer!”

The other commander stood straight with a pa sound and responded in a loud and clear voice, “I will completely obey your order! General!”

Even though this commander was young, courageous, and was rather talented in military affairs, he did not dare challenge her authority a third time. Despite the fact that he could clearly tell that Lizzy had some kind of hidden relationship with that far off sniper, which sparked his jealousy and made him want to immediately kill that fellow, it did not make him lose reason, especially since this was the third time Lizzy reiterated her command. In Roxland Company, outside of her outstanding talent, nearly every single person knew about Lizzy’s decisive, merciless, and unscrupulous nature. She allowed anyone to doubt her commands, but only for the first two times. Those that wanted to try for a third time never left the battlefield alive.

The plan to annex Base N11 was precisely her style, giving the base practically no chance for peaceful negotiations and instead using large amounts of chemical explosives to blast through the base’s gate. Only after that would she open up the so-called negotiations. From Lizzy’s opinion, a turtle that has lost its shell did not have any haggling power. After blasting open its gate, the people inside Base N11 only had two choices: they would either unconditionally surrender, becoming either slaves or free individuals depending on her mood, or they would all die, should they decide to resist.

Lizzy swept her eyes over the elite soldiers around the command truck and coldly said, “Lower your weapons! Do you need me to repeat a second time?”

These elite soldiers immediately lowered the weapons in their hands. They knew that there couldn’t be the slightest bit of hesitation when following her orders or any movements or words that could cause any misunderstanding.

After the suppression ended, she looked towards the distant Su. From her intuition, even though he didn’t have any sighting devices, she knew that Su could definitely see each and every expression on her face.

She raised her hand and pointed at the distant Su. The corners of her lips revealed a vague smile. Her eyes were so bright that they seemed like they would begin burning. She believed that Su would definitely be able to read her meaning.

“You will become mine sooner or later!” This was what her left eye said.

“I will definitely find you!” Her right eye held this meaning.

Su remained silent and did not try to predict what would happen to this place. He put away his modified rifle, turned around, and disappeared into the wilderness ruins.

When Lizzy turned around and looked towards the second-in-command at her side, the vague smile that was full of desire made his eyes burn with fury.

She reached out with her left hand and lightly tapped the secondary officer’s forehead and said, “I know you are still unwilling. However, under such a distance, he could easily blast through your brain!”

The secondary officer’s face fell. He didn’t believe for a second that someone could hit a target 1200 meters away without any sighting device. However, the secondary officer suddenly noticed the third level sniper out of the corner of his eyes. The sniper was half kneeled on the ground with a completely pale complexion. Sweat had already completely soaked through his military uniform, and the reason he hadn’t completely collapsed was purely due to the second level sniper rifle’s support.

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