Book 1 Chapter 4.1

Book 1 Chapter 4.1 - Trouble

Su then carefully inspected the area along the tunnel a few times, and only after determining that there were no problems did he return to Base N11. This rigorous style of work was extremely welcomed by Grace Company’s large infrastructure, and it allowed him to quickly obtain two licenses from them. 

The process of handing over the mission went smoothly, just as how Tony stated before. Old Anthony was still a decent person, and after ascertaining that Su succeeded, at the very least, the reward aspect was handled smoothly without any signs of backing out. However, he found it difficult to conceal his shock at how quickly the mission was completed. 

As for the living corpses that were organized and possessed wisdom, Old Anthony did not say a thing. This naturally did not mean that he did not know about it. However, from what Su had experienced in other inhabited areas, Old Anthony could still be considered rather trustworthy. From this point, Tony was not wrong. As for the small amount of information not matching, this was something that became practically insignificant in this era. 

A ten centimeter long test tube filled with dark green liquid was Su’s primary reward: the primary grade gene evolution medicine. In reality, the amount of medicine that Base N11’s laboratory produced was not a lot, because most of the formulations were inclined towards abilities in the Mental Domain, with much weaker effects on the other domains. Even though the Mental Domain could be considered the domain with the widest range of uses, medicines that were partial towards a particular domain would be much less valuable than stable, extensively used models of medicines. 

With the drug in hand, Su could already sense that this was a half-common medicine that leaned towards the Mental Domain. If he found a suitable buyer, this less effective medicine could still be sold for around 4000 yuan. Even though it was twenty percent less when compared to the 5000 yuan he had anticipated, Su did not decide to bicker about it. Old Anthony most likely did this out of his shrewd merchant nature. To negotiate required power, and Su did not believe that he had the strength to go against Base N11’s twenty first level soldiers. 

After inspecting his current equipment and ammo, Su bought three more cases of rifle bullets for his pistol, and he restocked a bottle of high purity water before quietly leaving Base N11.

The rewards he received from the mission this time could still be considered abundant. After deducting his living expenses and natural expenditures, his net gain was around 3500. This didn’t include the evolution point that he almost completed from cleaning out the nest of living corpses. With Su’s strength that had already reached third level, the living corpses that could have given an ordinary person one and a half evolution points didn’t even completely fill up one of Su’s. Of course, normal people would find it difficult to survive such a difficult battle. 

It was another clear day. 

Sunlight suffused with ultraviolet rays ruthlessly scorched the great earth. However, the thick cloak around Su’s body protected him from all sunlight. His walking speed wasn’t fast, but it was constant. He continued all the way until he stopped in front of the isolated ruins of a building. Under the blazing sunlight of day, most mutated creatures would choose to rest within their homes. As a result, Su actually decided to hurry along his way during this period of time even though he could display more of his power at night. 

Su carefully inspected the villa that had half of its roof missing. Only after confirming that there were neither deadly living creatures hiding within nor was there a den of carnivorous beasts like violent armor-plated bears did he relax. 

He brought out bullets that he used for his pistol as well as an alloy file. He then began to carve some strange patterns on the bullets. By treating these bullets in this way, the bullets would immediately explode soon after leaving the pistol, or as soon as they entered their target’s body, thus improving their destructive power. As for the issue with precision, it wasn’t something he needed to consider. When Su used the pistol, the distance from his target would never exceed thirty meters. 

Su calmly modified the bullets one after another as if he would never get bored of doing such a thing. A box of bullets had already been completed, and the patterns on every single bullet were exactly the same. Even if they were carved by a precise machine, it would probably not be any better. 

Su carefully put away the bullets and then brought out the second case of bullets. The two hours of repetitive labor didn’t seem boring to him at all. Through the experiences of living alone in the wilderness, he learned that having enough patience was essential to survival. 

Su’s brows suddenly furrowed. He sensed an extremely weak, yet unusual vibration. With a seemingly inconceivable speed, he collected his tools and bullets and readied his rifle. His right hand flashed, and a modified bullet was shoved into the cartridge. Then, he quickly moved towards the wall with a few steps and gazed outwards through a crack in the wall. During this entire process, other than the metallic sound of a loading the bullet, Su did not make any other noise. 

Right now, Su’s rifle didn’t have any sighting device. The old-fashioned aiming piece on the rifle was completely useless for Su whose eyesight had already been improved to the third level. The only reason he left this thing on was for the people within inhabited areas or bases. 

Su slightly narrowed his eyes to prevent the glare from interfering with his sight. He carefully glared outwards. He was proficient at long distance shooting, so he naturally knew what would expose his tracks. 

Several kilometers out, he could see smoke and dust roiling about what seemed like a group of vehicles. From the vibrations that had transmitted over, he could tell that there was at least one tank within this motorcade. With the speed that the smoke and dust flew, the vehicles didn’t seem to be moving too fast, but there were only about twenty kilometers between them. 

From the direction in which the vehicles were moving, it seemed like they were heading for Base N11.

Su was slightly moved. He sat down for a few minutes before finally standing back up. He lowered his body and began to run towards Base N11 at a velocity of 25 kilometers per hour. 

Even though he couldn’t be considered a friend of Base N11’s residents, Su still decided to go and take a look. At the very least, Base N11 gave him a warm feeling, one that felt similar to a ‘home’. This was something that he had never felt before. As a result, even though he knew that it was impossible for Base N11 to survive by themselves, he still wanted to take a look. 

Due to their ability to purify water, to a point where they might even have a hidden water supply, Base N11 had become this region’s fattest sheep. There was no one that didn’t have thoughts on Base N11. Base N11 was either going to be exterminated, or it would have to attach itself to a strength like Grace Company in order to preserve its existence. After all, it was impossible for Turner’s twenty men to defend a place that could purify water on their own. 

Su seemed to have arrived at the outside of Base N11 at the same time that the group of vehicles did. After moving side by side along the way, he already had a clear idea of the fleet’s composition.

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